Vladislav Popovic

Vladislav graduated from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, received a master’s degree in international law and specializes in intellectual property rights at the Max Plank Institute in Germany.

Vladislav lives in Cyprus where he is a lawyer and director of Sandico Investments. More than 15 years he has successfully participated in many important projects such as the privatization of government companies, investments in the hotel industry, the registration of foreign banks, etc. in Serbia and Montenegro.

He helped many companies and individuals from the countries of the former Yugoslavia and countries of Eastern Europe to register and start business in Cyprus and other EU countries. Especially deals with licensing and franchise agreements. He is a member of the IBA, the International Bar Association.

He has written more than twenty scientific and professional papers for international conferences published in Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Cyprus, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Greece, Russia and Ukraine. Fluently speaks English, Russian, Italian, German and Greek. In his spare time he likes extreme sports.

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